Fay Terry

Director of the The Village Children's Learning Center

Short History

The Village Children's Learning Center provides quality childcare with excellent customer services for 174 children, ages six weeks to twelve years old. We expose children to various experiences that will develop him or her socially and educationally, thereby preparing each child to transition successfully into our nation's school system.

The Village recognizes and celebrates our nation's diversity and promotes character building, problem solving, manner and social etiquette through fundamental moral values.

The teachers at the Village Children's Learning Center have always been a source of education, expertise, love and encouragement. Our teachers in our team are highly educated in early childhood education and continue to gain information in this field. We are a close-knit family committed and dedicated to providing the best possible preschool program! It is our life's work!

Our Mission

Our approach to learning makes all the difference, and the research shows it!

Provide a warm nurturing center in which the child's individuality is recognized and supported by loving and caring staff. This care includes opportunities for physical, social/emotional , Cognitive and language development.

Teachers are at the heart of any program at The Village Children's Learning Center and are selected for their educational background and experience in early childhood education. Teachers must have the ability to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere in the classroom. All teachers and staff meet the State requirements for working with children in a preschool/child care environment. Continuing professional development is standard so teachers are up-to-date on child development and are part of creating a high-quality learning environment for young children.

Families are critical partners in children's learning. The home-school connection includes progress meetings with teachers and online access to information about current lessons, interactive books and videos, classroom activities, and relevant resources about child development. Families are encouraged to take an active part in their child's education.

Provide a challenging and individualized curriculm that encourages the child's creativity and love of learning. Our developmental program includes language and literacy, math, science, music and art. Provide a wide variety of experiences which include field trips, computers and special programs such as puppeteers, musicians, and theater groups. Include our families and the community in the educational process. We pride ourselves on being the parents' partner in education, exposing children to firemen, police, church, school, hosptial, etc.,. Establish a safe and supportive learning environment which accepts and respects diversity, thereby fostering the child's feelings of self-esteem and self-worth. We believe that every child's identity is influenced by his race, his religion, and his parent's national origin. The food he eats at home, the holidays he celebrates and language he has heard from birth, all have an influence on developing the child. Promote character building, problem solving, manners, and social etiquette through basic fundamental moral values, e.g. love and respect of self and others, integrity, forgiveness, obedience, cleanliness, sharing, etc.,. Provide the warmth of a home in a school environment demonstrated through well-equipped learning centers and "family-style" dining. Our children learn to assist in serving, table setting, manners and cleanup.